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Learn SwaRaj Kriya (Online Course)

Learn SwaRaj Kriya

Designed & Explained by SRI GURU

SwaRaj Kriya is a powerful Yogic meditation designed by Sri Guru for spiritual, mental and physical upliftment of seekers. The technique uses human spine, Chakras and guided practices to advance one’s spiritual journey. This course is compiled to teach the science behind the Kriya and its elements. It includes a vast range of concepts that are important to understand before a seeker enters into any Yogic Kriya.

Once this course is completed, the seeker can obtain the SwaRaj Kriya as per the instructions provided at the time. Please note that your eligibility will also depend on your quiz score. So, make sure to understand the concepts clearly. Know more about SwaRaj Kriya » Please note that completing our foundational course on spirituality – Adhyatma Parichay – is a prerequisite for being eligible to learn SwaRaj Kriya.
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Sri Guru Ratna Prabhu is a contemporary Spiritual Master guiding thousands of seekers on their journey to self-realization through self-inquiry. Sri Guru rejects “sectarian-ism”. A master of spiritual process, she has decoded the twilight language of theist and atheist philosophies through thousands of talks globally. The distinctive resonant voice of Sri Guru inspires people from different backgrounds and traditions to move beyond the narrow windows of religion and experience the vast sky of freedom offered by them. In her own words she is “preparing religions for the next generation.”