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अध्यात्म परिचय - Foundation for an Awakening

Adhyatma Parichay - Foundation for an


This course aims to give a comprehensive introduction to spirituality, with a special emphasis on why it is an essential ingredient for happiness and success in any walk of life. The seeker will gain the requisite clarity, along with a rich set of techniques, for practical application of spirituality in daily life. They will also get acquainted with the core values, principles, and philosophy that resonate Sri Guru’s path.


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What you will learn


No. of Videos: 40 Videos

No. of Modules: 7

Total Duration: 8 Hours

Videos Language: Hindi

Notes & Quiz language: Hindi & English

Who should take this course?

Despite ever-increasing avenues of success and comfort, the “happiness” quotient of the entire world is on a steep decline, marked by a constant undercurrent of discontent in most people’s lives. This course is for anyone who wants to understand and address the reason behind this apparent contradiction.

Though the course is designed for seekers beginning their spiritual journey, it is also suitable for intermediate or advanced seekers who would like to revisit their fundamental concepts.


Sri Guru Ratna Prabhu is a contemporary Spiritual Master guiding thousands of seekers on their journey to self-realization through self-inquiry. Sri Guru rejects “sectarian-ism”. A master of spiritual process, she has decoded the twilight language of theist and atheist philosophies through thousands of talks globally. The distinctive resonant voice of Sri Guru inspires people from different backgrounds and traditions to move beyond the narrow windows of religion and experience the vast sky of freedom offered by them. In her own words she is “preparing religions for the next generation.”

Frequently Asked Questions

SRM Courses is an initiative by Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Delhi, where we provide courses on several topics related to life and self-realisation. All the content is curated from Sri Guru’s talks & notes.

Learning often increases our curiosity. In case you have any queries during the course, you can send them to, and our team will get back to you.

Once payment is processed, you will not be able to cancel the purchase. In case of a reasonable explanation SRM will provide a 100% refund or extend your course duration as deemed fit. Connect to our helpline for the same. Refunds may take upto 10 business days to reflect in your account.

All your data, including quiz answers, email-IDs, payment details, etc. are encrypted. SRM doesn’t sell any data to third parties, and complies to the Privacy Policy.