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Learn Prana Kriya (Online Course)

Learn Prana Kriya


Prana Kriya is a 14-minute meditation practice designed by Sri Guru. It is a self-guided process that uses your breath to enhance your Prana – the life force that sustains us and our environment. Our Yogic culture believes that we are surrounded by these Pranic energies in abundance. And in just 3 simple steps, Prana Kriya helps you master the flow of Prana and gain access to that abundant energy. With regular practice, you are bound to feel a rise in your energy levels, along with a natural sense of fulfillment and joy within. As you go deeper into its practice, the Kriya can bring changes that go way beyond your external well-being.


7 Days Access

What is included in the Course?


No. of Videos: 5 Videos

Total Duration: 1 Hour

Videos Language: Hindi

Who should take this course?

Inadequate life energy is the root cause behind a myriad of challenges associated with the body and mind. This course is for anyone who wants to eliminate anxiety, dullness, and lethargy from their lives, and cultivate a fulfilling life. It is also useful for existing meditators to refresh their understanding of Prana, meditation, and inner growth.


Sri Guru Ratna Prabhu is a contemporary Spiritual Master guiding thousands of seekers on their journey to self-realization through self-inquiry. Sri Guru rejects “sectarian-ism”. A master of spiritual process, she has decoded the twilight language of theist and atheist philosophies through thousands of talks globally. The distinctive resonant voice of Sri Guru inspires people from different backgrounds and traditions to move beyond the narrow windows of religion and experience the vast sky of freedom offered by them. In her own words she is “preparing religions for the next generation.”

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a meditation technique designed by Sri Guru to enhance the Prana within our body. Once the Prana is increased, we feel elevated levels of energy to do, think and feel more than we can do.

Kriya is a technique that involves the fundamentals of meditation along with some combinations of ‘Pranamayi Kosha (Vital-air Body) to activate, accumulate and restore the cosmic energy inside us.

Once you purchase the Masterclass, you will be guided into an online course. It will include:

  • A pre-recorded Video of Sri Guru explaining the Prana Kriya step-by-step
  • A practice round also included in the video
  • PDF Notes on how to do the Kriya (for revision)
  • Free meditation music to help you connect
  • Access to SRM Teachers for one-to-one discussion
  • Answers to Common questions asked after doing the Kriya

Once payment is processed, you will not be able to cancel the purchase. In case of a reasonable explanation SRM will provide a 100% refund or extend your course duration as deemed fit. Connect to our helpline for the same. Refunds may take upto 10 business days to reflect in your account.

Learning often increases our curiosity. In case you have any queries during the course, you can send them to, and our team will get back to you.

At SRM, we seek sincere learners who dedicate themselves genuinely to the path. As with all learning, this course is beneficial only if completed in a timely and disciplined manner. To promote this discipline, all SRM Courses are time-bound. Although, the course material including notes and meditations are available for lifetime.